This is my latest reel. It features simple clean design and jazzy transitions. Projects for CTP Boston, Boathouse, Citi, FuseIdeas, Parallax Productions and Generac. Please scroll down to view featured videos. You can see even more work at

Got to work with my hometown folks NAIL on this launch video for Very good project for a great cause. More Facts. More Truth. Designed and Animated this.

Fuseideas came to me to develop a story about Jane from Maine who wins the lottery. This was a fun character design project with slick transitions.

I’ve worked on many Kronos projects with Mechanica. This one was really fun and challenging. We created 5 X :15 pre-roll animations - packing a lot of visuals in a short amount of time. Design and Animated.


This is an animation that explains the new health program in Vermont called SBIRT.  We worked to make a simple type and graphic animation that was a continuous journey through the story.

“Rather than work longer hours for little productive benefit, we could embrace a shorter working week and help save our planet and our own well-being.” - Alex Williams He is the author, with Nick Srnicek, of Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work.

This a project with a great message. Better Pay For Workers! Topos Partnership is a think tank/communications group that helps clients distill complicated social topics into simpler messages. They asked me to help them illustrate how money flows more fairly when we all get paid more fairly.

Bullhorn: Direct to Client

Bullhorn came back with a request to make a high level explainer film for their software called Pulse.  We had to be dynamic, engaging and communicate what the pain points are and how Pulse is the solution.

Weber Shandwick: Abbott

Lutein is a super nutrient!  I worked with Weber Shandwick and Abbott to tell the world all about it.  I designed and animated a playful approach to match the script.

Weber Shandwick: Foundation Medicine

Informative project done with Weber Shandwick for Foundation Medicine.  They are developing new ways to help your body fight cancer.  I designed and animated this piece to have a clean and clear visual flow.

NAIL Agency:  Summit Natural Gas.  

Glad to have had the chance to team up with NAIL to create this promotional video for Summit Natural Gas. We follow a line from scene to scene as it playfully illustrates the value of Summit's pricing offer.

Mechanica: Saucony

I had the pleasure of working with Mechanica again on a Saucony project. After doing several in-house videos for Saucony, I was tasked this time with a customer facing animation to introduce Saucony's Run 4 Good App. Runners can track their miles with the App. Based on the miles tracked, Saucony will donate money to fight childhood obesity. I designed and animated this fun piece for a good cause.

Weber Shandwick: Bank of America

Weber Shandwick called me to design and animate this explainer film for Community Development Financial Institutions. These are institutions that Bank of American supports to help promote Main St. businesses. This film and announcement is the highest performing promoted tweet on the @BofA_News handle to date. Niiice!

Mechanica: Communispace

Continuing my work with Mechanica and Communispace, I designed and animated this video to launch Communispace's new Catalyst platform.

Personal Project

This is a personal project I did leading up to the 2014 November elections. The animation highlights how we can avoid the point of no return by voting for environmentally responsible candidates that understand the grave future of doing nothing, AND the great opportunity to create a thriving green economy by doing something.

NAIL Agency: Providence Journal

Nail came back to me to expand on the Projo campaign we did last year. This time around we did two animated 30s. Always a pleasure to work with the Nail Team.

Bullhorn: Direct to Client

Bullhorn returned to make a brand video that describes the value proposition of their entire suite of software solutions. Had some fun using the Newton gravity plug-in...

HMC: Merchant's Bank

Vermont Matters is an award winning campaign for Merchants Bank.  HMC in Vermont is the agency behind this folksy look at local businesses supported by Merchants Bank. I designed and animated a few pieces for this campaign.  The full campaign can be seen at

Parallax Pictures: Novartis

Parallax Pictures gave me the nod to help them pitch an awareness video for Novartis. I designed and concepted the boards from the script written by Parallax. Once we were awarded the job, I directed, designed and animated the piece that is now going to be translated into several languages for global distribution.

Motus: Direct to client

Motus is a new portfolio site where folks can find motion graphics artists. They asked me to create their promo launch video. I designed and animated this promo. Little 3D tossed in...