I use Adobe After Effects and Element 3D to animate motion graphics for television, film, and the web.  I work from my studio equipped with the latest hardware and software.

When the script arrives I will create a Director's script that notes what will be seen along with the Voice Over lines.  Once the Director's script is approved, I generally design the storyboards and execute the animation, but can also work with storyboards provided by  the client.  

Most work on the site was design and illustrated by me.  I design the boards in After Effects, the animation program, so that each frame of the board is as close to WYSIWYG for the final animation.  I provide the major scenes blocked out as well as transitions from scene to scene.  My clients love this approach as it shows a very clear depiction of what the animation will look like and we can work to solve any visual communication issues before the animation stage.  

When the storyboards are approved I begin the animation process.  I will lay down a scratch track VO, if needed, to animate along to.  I can source stock music or work with a partner to create custom tracks.  Once picture is locked we can record the VO with the selected talent.  I then add the final VO and music to the animation, tweak the time to reflect the new VO pacing and it's ready to present to the client for final approval.  Upon final approval I will deliver a digital file to the specs given.  

My goal for every project is to always be on time, under budget and to the delight of the client.  

Please feel free to contact me to talk over any potential projects and how I can be part of the team.